Richard Boyles and Pamela Frye – Owners

Richard and PamelaIris Vineyards is owned by Richard Boyles and Pamela Frye, who live on the 800 acre estate including Chalice Vineyard at Iris Hill. Richard’s love of wine has its roots in his childhood, with early memories of making wine with his grandmother from grapes grown at their home on the Umpqua River in Roseburg, OR. The grapes were pressed using a small wood press which Richard’s father made as a high school wood shop project. Later, Richard’s dad, an occasional but ambitious cook, prepared memorable meals with carefully chosen wine pairings for extended family feasts. These experiences impressed upon Richard that good food and good wine are among life’s great and rewarding pleasures. During his teenage years, Richard began fermenting his own wine from fruit, berries and grapes gathered from around his family home.

At the University of Oregon, Richard and Pamela discovered a mutual interest in excellent food and wine. Together they toured the few wineries that were in operation in the Willamette Valley and after graduate school and a move to Seattle, the wineries of Washington State. When Richard’s employer offered the opportunity to move to Europe and open company offices, Richard and Pamela jumped at the chance. Weekends were frequently spent exploring the wine regions of France, Germany and Switzerland. After several years abroad, Richard and Pamela returned home to Oregon to start a family and turn their passion for wine into their own vineyard and winery.

After selecting a piece of property with the proper soil composition, orientation to the sun, and proximity to other pursuits in Eugene, OR, the vineyard was planted beginning in 1996. Iris’ first vintage was released in 2001. In addition to the vineyard, hundreds of acres of forest were planted on the property and are cultivated to the present day. Richard and Pamela also enjoy gardening and maintain a large garden on their property. Self-sufficiency and living well have been driving forces behind their journey together, and Iris Vineyards embodies these closely held ideals.

Aaron Lieberman – Winemaker

Aaron LibermanAaron's interest in the Oregon wine industry started in 1990 while studying soil science at Oregon State University. After graduation, he spent three years in Guatemala with the Peace Corps. There he taught farmers how to improve crop yields through plant and seed selection. In 1996, Aaron landed a job at Amity Vineyards. He has managed and/or planted several notable vineyards in the Willamette Valley. In 2001 Aaron began working in commercial wine making starting with a harvest at De Ponte Cellars in the Dundee Hills under winemaker Isabelle Dutartre. In 2002 he began making wine for his own label while working at Walnut City Wineworks. Aaron accepted the assistant winemaker position at Owen Roe in the spring of 2003 where he worked with David O'Reilly through the 2007 vintage. Aaron was informed of the opportunity to work as the first winemaker at Iris Vineyards by a long time industry friend in the spring of 2008. Now going into his tenth vintage at Iris, Aaron has a well-developed knowledge of the estate vineyard as well as the best ways by which to coax the most flavor from grapes sourced from other vineyards throughout Oregon.