Winter Weather Impact at Iris January 19 2017

As the thaw continues here in the Southern Willamette Valley, we here at Iris would like to share some winter scenes and news from our vineyard.

vineyard in snow

The ice storm in mid-December left us with many trees and limbs to remove from our roadway. Thanks to our hardworking vineyard staff, we were able to open the road and tasting room quickly following. Our crew is continuing to make repairs to the deer fence surrounding the fields. It saw much damage from fallen trees and limbs. The vineyard itself weathered the ice storm without problem. The unpruned vines did not break under the weight of the ice as they are well supported by our high- tensile trellis. The trellis is designed to carry a heavy load. It must support the vines’ canopy of leaves in the summer breezes as well as the weight of multiple tons per acre of grapes.

grape vines in snow

We experienced some lower than average temperatures in the past week. The Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Gris vines we farm are dormant for the winter season. While dormant, they are not damaged by cold until temperatures fall below 5 degrees. We believe that we are safe thus far. In the next week, our vineyard manager will spend time in the field, dissecting dormant buds to double check that they are alive and ready for the 2017 vintage. If we discover some spotty damage, we will adjust our pruning strategy to compensate.

Our vineyard crew is getting started pruning the vineyard. We will be working on this important and labor intensive job until March. Stay tuned for more.

vineyard landscape in snow

Thank you to our patient tasting room customers for your understanding as we have been forced to close a number of days recently. The roads out to the vineyard and our driveway had been unsafe for our staff and customers to make it out to Lorane, but we are happy that safe access has been restored. We all are keeping our fingers crossed that this Oregon rain continues to fall in liquid form!

vineyard in snow

Eye on Iris February 16 2015

We'd like to introduce our new video blog series, "Eye on Iris."  Arpad Walker, our vineyard manager, will provide periodic updates and information on our vineyard.  We hope you enjoy!

Holiday Food Drive November 12 2014


As we enter this holiday season, Iris Vineyards and other local area wineries are holding a food drive in partnership with the Oregon Food Bank, Food for Lane County and Willamette Valley Wineries.  Willamette Valley wineries ranked food and hunger causes as a high priority for donations in the past year. Long-term unemployment, persistent underemployment, and the high cost of food, gas, utilities, and rent are forcing more and more people to seek emergency food. The Oregon Food Bank and its statewide network (which includes Food for Lane County) are able to provide meals and groceries to families, children, seniors, and those who are disabled.

Our collective goal is 200,000 pounds of food, and we would appreciate your support! You can participate by visiting our tasting room with non-perishable food items or with a cash donation.  A list of most wanted foods is available, and you can also donate directly to the Oregon Food Bank or Food for Lane County on their websites.  The food drive will run the entire month of November and end December 22nd

In addition, all participating wineries have offered a prize for your participation! You will be entered for the prize when you visit with your donation.  Iris’ contribution is a complimentary tasting for eight people; an $80 value! Prizes will be complied and winners will be announced at the end of the drive.  We appreciate your support in helping to provide food security throughout our region!